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Pharmacy Info

You can find our pharmacy at the Old Kanata Town Centre, behind Food Basics and opposite Appletree Medical Clinic. You can't miss us!


Monday to Thursday : 9am - 6pm

Friday : 9am - 8pm

Saturday : 10am - 2pm

Sunday : Closed

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We’ve put together some answers to questions you might have for us.

What is compounding?

Pharmaceutical compounding is the creation of customized medication to meet specific and unique patient needs.

Do I need any of my medications to be compounded?

Compounded medications are beneficial if you have trouble with the standard form of your medication (example: swallowing large pills) or if you're sensitive to certain ingredients in your medication. There are many more possibilities so feel free to contact us about your options today!

How can I get my prescriptions transferred to your pharmacy?

You can transfer your prescription using our simple online form or by giving us a call during our business hours. Your current pharmacy can also send in your prescription by fax.

Can you bill my prescriptions directly to my insurance?

Absolutely ! Kanata Compounding Pharmacy has official accounts with all the major insurance providers specifically to take care of our patients' direct billing.

Can I get my medication delivered?

Yes you can , and it's free of charge! We offer complimentary delivery for your prescribed medications within the Ottawa area.

I have questions about my medications and how they work, can you help?

Our expert pharmacist is available to answer questions and concerns you might have over the phone or in - person if you stop by the pharmacy !

I have trouble organizing my medications and sometimes can't remember whether I took them or not, can you help?

We are happy to create weekly , bi-weekly or monthly medication packages to help you stay on top of your treatment plan.

I don't have any refills on my prescriptions and can't get in to see my doctor, what do I do?

In accordance with the regulations set by the Ontario Pharmacists Association, our pharmacist will assess your particular situation and may be able to renew your prescription granted you meet the criteria. Please follow this link for more information

Can I get over-the-counter medication which I did not see on your shelf?

Kanata Compounding Pharmacy in many cases will be able to fulfill requests for certain over-the-counter medications within 24 hours depending on availability with our support supply.